Since 1985, Savant Technology Group's mission has been to create competitive advantage for our clients. Savant achieves this mission through the use of experienced personnel, proven processes and the latest technologies designed to support our clients' core business processes. Savant delivers high impact results in these areas: 

In today's global economy, companies must operate with increasing efficiency. To remain competitive, they must continuously improve their business processes and effectively deploy enabling technologies. Savant's products and services are designed to assist our clients in meeting these challenges.

  • CADE distance learning applications are designed to enable a well-trained, knowledgeable workforce
  • ASSIST advanced product suite maximizes the effectiveness of customer service and call center operations
  • Communications and Network Services help to develop and maintain the infrastructure required for reliable, secure connections with employees, customers and suppliers
  • Applied Professional Services offer experienced project management and technology professionals to directly participate in the planning and implementation of solutions

Savant provides hands-on resources on both a project basis, with a focus on specific deliverables, and at the program level in large-scale, multi-project initiatives.

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